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Lee Bruder Associates focuses its passion and resources to help individuals and organizations apply the principles of quality leadership in all they do. We provide consulting and coaching services to clients who are interested in learning and evolving.
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business articles by lee bruder

Business Articles to Expand Knowledge

Lee Bruder has written these business articles and offers them as a way to deepen learning and to help you move yourself and your organization to the next level.

non-profit business article - nonprofit dissolution - what to do when closing the doors

Business Articles: Nonprofit Dissolution:

What to do When Closing the Doors

Dissolution, or the closing down of an organization in its current state, is more common than one might think. When an organization seriously considers ending its life, it is a difficult and complex process. It is a time of mixed and strong emotions for those involved, including the board, senior staff, administrative and line staff, partners, clients, and donors and other stakeholders.

An organization has to make the difficult and momentous decision to close for two kinds of reasons:. . . read full nonprofit business article.

business article - five phases of board development

Business Articles: Board Rooms

Five Phases of Board Development

Boards of directors and boards of trustees are similar to other groups in that they go through various stages or phases of change. We thought it might be helpful to new and existing boards to have information that would guide them as they change and develop over time.The following comes from many years of hands on experience and study combined with a high degree of interest in seeing boards run organizations in the best possible manner. We have organized the life cycle of a board into five phases. . . read full business article.

business article - many aspects and benefits of coaching

Business Articles: Coaching

Many Aspects and Benefits of Coaching

A relatively new profession, coaching, is an on-going, confidential relationship with a professional who has specific expertise. A good coach has the ability to help you:

  • Discover hidden knowledge about yourself and your life
  • Define dream and goals
  • Make desired changes
  • Achieve goals through focused action..

Coaching is outcome based. Each day we juggle multiple priorities at a fast pace... read full business article.

Our expertise can help you reach your goals and live your dreams.

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